Upward Spiral 1471, diversified into clean-up, removal and hauling of gold bearing material to accredited metallurgical facilities for processing.  Administrative processes & operational controls are put in place to ensure that we adhere to the regulatory processes & efficiency levels.   Upward Spiral 1471, has been granted with clean-up permits from the Department of Minerals and Resources (DMR).


Currently a large number of gold mining projects are under way throughout South Africa, there are many dump sites that present the opportunity to separate untapped gold from excavated material.  Upward Spiral 1471 identifies and assist organisations in clean-up and rehabilitation operations of these dump sites containing gold-bearing material and the options available to rehabilitate their sites while deriving value from tailings retreatment.  The main objective of our process is to assist with the eradication of illegal mining more commonly known as “Zama Zamas” and clean-up of our environment.


  • Offer tailor-made proposals
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Be an innovative leader in our field
  • Compliance with the relevant regulators
  • Prioritise safety to our staff, clients and communities



•    30 000 tons
•    Grades of 2.0g/t
•    Recovery at 75%
•    Clean-up undertaken on behalf of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
•    Processed through as per JV agreement
•    Project value R15 million

Murray Park

•    50 000 tons
•    Grades 1.5g/t
•    Recovery at 70%
•    Clean-Up undertaken on behalf of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
•    Delivered through Gold One

Gravelotte Mine

•    200 000 tons
•    Grades 3.4g/t
•    Recover at 80%
•    Rehabilitation project on behalf of Gravelotte Mine
•    Processed through Mintails & Gold Plats
•    Project value R21 million

MINTAILS (Mathole Village)

•    36 month contract
•    Processing an average of 10 000 tons per month
•    Mined & screened at -13mm
•    Average grade of 1.8g/ton
•    Recover at 80%
•    Processing directly with Mintails
•    Utilise local labour & service providers
•    Upgrade local roads for the community
•    Project value R66 million

Goldplat Mine

•    1 000 tons per month
•    24 month contract
•    Grades 15g/t
•    Recover at 85%
•    Processed through Goldplat
•    Project value R34 million